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Stencil Cleaning Applications

Stencil cleaning is becoming more critical due to component miniaturisation. Maintaining your stencil in optimum condition both on the production line and before storage will greatly increase your overall yields. Many solder defects, some estimate up to 70%, can be attributed to the stencil printing process. You need to aim for a consistent transfer efficiency at all times by maintaining aperture cleanliness.

KYZEN can improve your stencil cleaning efficiency with their specially formulated cleaners, covering manual wipe, understencil, ultrasonic immersion and spray in air applications.

Stencil Cleaning

Soils Removed

QA/Water Soluble
No Clean/RMA
Raw Solder Paste
Uncured Adhesive
Ultrasonic Wash (Cleaner) Rinse*
Under Stencil Wipes
Pre-Saturated Wipes
Spray-In-Air Water Rinse
Spray-In-Air Cleaner Rinse
Hand-Held Ultrasonic Transducer
Aquanox A8820

Cybersolv C8622

Cybersolv C8882 

Kyzen E5611

Kyzen E5631

* Only for Ultrasonic systems that keep chemistry in solution

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