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Metcal’s new CV Monitor software collects vital process information!

Improve your solder process traceability and create a performance baseline using CV's intelligent cartridges plus CV-5000 Monitor software. Using our Connection Validation patented technology, CV Monitor software allows you to capture solder process information over time for each joint when attached to the communication port. You'll get:

      • Intermetallic Compound Formation (IMC Formation)*
     • Power demand
     • Tip temperature
     • Solder time

 Now that you have a baseline, you can quickly analyse your soldering performance, identify changes in your solder conditions, and make changes to your process. Download the free CV-5000 Monitor software and start monitoring your process.

*Metcal Exclusive


Initial release of firmware v1.50.64 for the CV-500 power supply

Firmware update from V1.50.38 to v1.50.64_BETA will change the following:

     • CV optimization
     • Password manager will now enable three user passwords in addition to the supervisor password
     • Refined operation for Ultrafine tools

Firmware part numbers for the CV-5200 and CV-500 power supplies will be released as the same version

Download the step-by-step guide here

 DateProduct  FileDownloadVersion 
  09/25/2018 Connection Validation  Instructions PDF  167KB 1.50.64
  09/25/2018 Connection Validation  AN1388 Source Code  5.0MB 1.50.64
  02/05/2018 Connection Validation  CR5200r1_50_38 1.31MB 1.50.38
  09/25/2018 Connection Validation  CR5200r1_50_64_BETA 1.36MB 1.50.64_BETA
  09/25/2018 Connection Validation  CR500r1_50_64 1.35MB 1.50.64


* During initial software installation, your system may require an update to its software drivers. We recommend an active Internet connection during this time.

If trouble continues, please contact an IT professional.

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