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V600 Replacement Filters

Replacement  Filters for BOFA V600 Extraction unit. Pre-Filter and Combined HEPA Gas Filter available. Sold separately.

Pre-Filter, A1030119,  is the first stage of filtration for the V600 extraction unit. Designed to initially filter out all large particle elements of  the fumes passing through and prolong the life of the next stage HEPA /  Gas filter.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • Low cost filter that prolongs the A1030099 filter
  • Compatible wiith BOFA V600.

Combined HEPA Gas Filter, A1030118is  the second and third stage of filtration for the V600 extraction unit. The filter comprises of the HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) filter,  constructed from a maxi pleat glass fibre and the Gas Filter which is  comprised of Treated Activated Carbon.

Key Product Features and Benefits:

  • HEPA section - removing particles to 0.3 µm to 99.97% efficiency
  • Carbon section - final absorption of gases and vapours
  • Compatible wiith BOFA V600.


Prod. No. A1030118
Combined filter for V600

Prod. No. A1030119
Pre-Filter for V600


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