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Fluorocoat Surface Modifier TFCF

TFCF is a unique, fluoro polymer coating formulated to provide high levels of liquid repellency to printed circuit boards and other electronic devices. Once dried, TFCF forms a thin transparent film of very low surface energy. The low film strength allows assemblies to be coated without masking. As TFCF is mechanically weak, it is easily removed by minimal friction, therefore eliminating the requirement for masking components such as switches, piezo speaker devices and contacts prior to coating.

Key Product Features & Benefits:

  • Thin film coating offering excellent moisture resistance
  • Assemblies can be coated without masking
  • Coating is removed by light mechanical wear, ideal for connectors
  • Contains UV trace for easy inspection


Prod. No. TFCF250
Flurocoat Surface Modifier 250ml

Prod. No. TFCF05L
Flurocoat Surface Modifier 5L

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